Top 5 tips to choose the best personalised chocolate valentine’s gifts

valentine's gifts

Just as love can’t be bound by gestures and feelings, the expressions of love too shouldn’t be restrained by a handful of words or gifts. For different people, showering love means different things. For some, it could be as simple as holding hands and sitting together quietly. For others, it could be cuddling, cooking a favourite dish, or sending gifts – from clothes and flowers to chocolates and much more. To make the occasion more special for a loved one, sending personalised chocolate gifts can be a good choice. This is especially true if the recipient has a sweet tooth.

Personalised Valentine’s Gifts Morsetoad let people add a touch of their personality to make the gifts special for their intended recipients. Be it adding a special note, an image, or those three magical words (I love you), there’s a wide variety of personalisation options on offer. But what should you keep in mind when choosing Morsetoad’s personalised chocolate gifts for a loved one? Here are top five tips that can help.

1  Price shouldn’t be the only decisive factor

Just because it’s a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t necessarily mean it should be expensive. Thoughtful personalised gifts that are easy on the pocket can be memorable as well and bring a smile to the recipient’s face. If the aim is to make your loved one feel incredibly special, something as simple as a mini chocolate love token can work wonders. Imagine three bite-sized pieces crafted from superior quality Belgian chocolate with each sporting the characters of love (including a heart) and packed in a beautiful box! Without breaking the bank, this simple yet elegant gift will show that special someone just how much they mean to you.

2  Let creativity guide the way

Before hitting the ‘Order Now’ button, you should think about some creative ways to personalise the gift. Chocolate gifts need not be boring. And Valentine’s gifts of Morsetoad prove how personalisation with a blend of creativity can enhance the appeal of chocolate gifts. For instance, the ‘Personalised Chocolate Photo Gift’ that lets you include a photo and frame in addition to writing some special message in chocolate could be all that you need. Once the recipients finish enjoying the delicious chocolates, they can frame the photo and hang it on the wall to reminisce about the good old times.

3  Explore options for mushy romance

Those who are not satisfied with just the chocolate gifts and need more to send their recipients’ way can look for some delicious add-ons. The valentine’s gifts from Morsetoad offer you just what you need in such cases. If mushy romance is on the cards, heart eyes and heart kiss emoji biscuits could fit the bill just right. These delectable honey shortbread biscuits that are carefully handcrafted with a lot of love could be that missing ingredient, that would showcase your mushy romance toward your loved one and make those chocolate gifts all the more special!

4  Build a unique gift hamper

Stores specialising in valentine’s gifts like Morsetoad let their customers create their own gift hampers. Thus, senders can pick a few items from the store that their recipients would love and add them to their hamper content. They can also add a chocolate message, upload a photo of their choice (say, a romantic click taken on a special occasion), and add a lovey-dovey note. By bringing an element of surprise through such unique gift hampers, one can avoid being too predictable. At the same time, adding those simple personal touches would strike a chord in the recipients’ hearts and make them love the sender more.

5  Keep it simple

It’s those little things or the little gestures that show how much one loves or cares for a special someone. And that’s the principle behind valentine’s gifts from Morsetoad. At times when you can’t be with your loved one, a delicious piece of chocolate with a personalised message or a special photo is what your special someone would need to feel closer to the abundant love that’s being showered. And it’s in this simplicity that true love finds its way and is celebrated with fervour. Thus, individuals who believe elaborate and expensive gifts are needed to celebrate Valentine’s Day can take a break. Instead, they can opt for the path of simplicity to enjoy love in its purest form without burdening their pockets.

Valentine’s Day gifts are available in plenty. But before clicking the ‘order now’ button, pause and think about what really matters. Take your pick from the various personalised valentine’s gifts from Morsetoad to make this a cherished occasion for your loved one.