What Makes Eco-Friendly Diamond Mining So Special?


Diamond mining has a huge impact on the surrounding environment. As global warming becomes more of a pressing issue, mining companies around the world are altering their practices to make sure that they are as eco-friendly as possible.

What makes this eco-friendly diamond mining so special?

The Diamond Mines Are Not Situated On Protected Land

Many unethical diamond mines are situated on land that is designated as a wildlife preservation area. The mining company is able to do this by bribing corrupt officials to turn a blind eye. In contrast, ethical diamond mines are situated on land that can be legally mined, providing that the right paperwork is submitted and the mine conforms to ethical standards.

When you buy a diamond that was harvested in an ethically-situated mine, you can be proud knowing that you have not contributed towards environmental destruction or corruption. You should read brilliant earth reviews here about diamonds that are sourced from environmentally-friendly mines.

The Diamond Mining Methods Minimise The Damage To The Surrounding Environment

Some diamond mines are extremely damaging to the surrounding environment. Chemicals can leak out from the mine that poisons rivers and contaminates the habitats of the animals and people who are living nearby. Some of the waste material is transported to different parts of the country where it is buried underground and causes illness to the people who are living nearby.

Ethical mines that are run with the environment in mind minimise the amount of harm that is done to the surrounding habitat. Rivers are kept clean and the waste material from the mine is disposed of in a way which does not poison the land nearby.

Diamond Mines Are Closed If They Are Found To Be Damaging The Environment

Mines should be closed if they are damaging the environment when the diamonds are being sourced. Alternatively, the mines should work to improve their practices so that the damage to the environment is minimised. When you buy a diamond from a reformed mine that has reduced its emissions, this is directly contributing to the ethical diamond trade.

The Vehicles Used At The Diamond Mine Run On Eco-Friendly Fuel

When the diamonds are being mined, the first concern is that the mine itself is not damaging the environment in a significant way. Then the next thing that should be considered is whether the vehicles being used at the mine are running on eco-friendly fuel. Lead-based petrol can cause damage to the surrounding area. When you are shopping for diamonds, enquire about whether the vehicles have been run on eco-fuel.

The Diamond Mines Are Able To Prove That They Are Eco-Friendly

Many diamond mines claim to be eco-friendly when this is not the case. Eco-friendly diamond mines should be able to produce paperwork that proves their practices and emissions make them an eco-friendly mine.

When you are looking for diamond jewellery, you should always consider the impact that mining has on the environment. Try to find diamonds from eco-friendly mines.