The Galaxy S9 vs. the iPhone

The Galaxy S9 vs. the iPhone

We have tested the Galaxy S8 in a series of very concrete scenarios. We have taken the classic image of the facade of the building where El Confidential is located, a macro, another shot with elements in the foreground and background to see how the focal distance works, and snapshots captured in low light conditions.

One of the most obvious aspects is the difference in whites and the brightness of colors. In the first aspect, the Galaxy S8 has given us the feeling of offering better results while in the second the iPhone gives more neutral tones while the Samsung terminal saturates more images. An example we have under these lines.

Instead, the whites of the iPhone 7 Plus are somewhat more yellowish and the greens of the trees more muted. Another example of this difference in the treatment of whites is in the following images. You have to look at the ceiling, where Samsung picks a whiter white. To beat the camera quality of iPhone, Samsung Company is trying so hard and planning to release a new flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 in the first quarter of following year. It is anticipated that the forthcoming champ Galaxy S9 will be a tough competitor of iPhone 8 by having a superior picture quality and a stunning display appearance.

In the tests, we observed, the iPhone 7 Plus offers a slightly more yellow version. Capturing elements on different planes we have not noticed noticeable differences. Perhaps the Galaxy S8 does a better job thanks to the work of enhancing the colors. In the case of the iPhone, there is not a noticeable difference although it’s more flat colors make that the contrast of the elements of the image does not have so much force. According to the rumors, the picture quality of forthcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone is like a jewel in the crown. The 16MP Dual-lens camcorder and the 8MP front camera is superb giving out realistic pictures having lovely colors, contrast, and sharpness.

Another positive point we observed about Galaxy S8 is here. We have observed a jump in quality is at the time of applying the macro and photographing an object, in this case, leaves, very closely. And the Galaxy S8, despite having a look a year ago, is still a very robust phone as demonstrated by this example. Hope, upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will offer more pretty marvelous colored picture quality. It is anticipated that the phone will cost you around 1012USD as a starting price.

The test of fire comes with the sunset. And there we have a surprise. We hoped that the Galaxy S8 would still be one of the references in the field of mobile telephony and leave the iPhone in bad place and the phone from Apple has been very successful. So much so, that in this section is the Galaxy phone that offers more yellowish tones.


The iPhone 7 Plus offers more natural tones, not so yellow. Nighttime images have always been one of Apple’s weaknesses but this time the phone designed in Cupertino is more than good. Galaxy S8 was really weak this time. Hope, the upcoming Galaxy S9 would do much better with its stunning camera having a great resemblance to DSLR.