The Evolution of Sewing Machines


Can you imagine what it would be like to still wear clothes which are hand stitched? If it wasn’t for the sewing machines, the fashionable attires we wear today would not have been possible. Over the years, the sewing machine has evolved from the crude design to the ones displaying intricacies. There are many brands in India which make sewing machines. They too have followed the various stages of developing the sewing machines we know today.

Professional sewing machines are meant to ease the workload of the companies by stitching fabrics quicker. Even, at home, a sewing machine can be extremely helpful for last minute alterations to taking forward your hobby for embroidery and other stitching. Believe it or not, the invention of the sewing machine goes back to as early as the year 1790.

The Initial Years

In the year 1775, a person by the name of Charles Wiesenthal received the first patent of a needle for a machine, but the machine wasn’t developed. It is believed that he actually did not build the machine; it was built years later from his original plans.

Then in the year 1829, a person by the name of Barthelemy Thimmonier designed the first practical sewing machine. A couple of years later, in the year 1834, a more complex sewing machine was developed by Walter Hunt. The work was followed by Elias Howe in 1845 as he perfected the locksmith machine. Allen Benjamin Wilson was the one who invented the four motion feed and the rotary bobbin in 1850.

The Brands

The four motion feed and the rotary bobbin were the game changers which made the commercial production of sewing machines possible. In 1851, Issac Merit Singer perfected the designs of four motion feeds and rotary bobbins and thus began the advent of Singer sewing machines. In 1889, Singer sewing machines became the brand to have attached the motor to the sewing machine. This motor replaced the foot treadle. And thus, sewing machines operated much faster. The design was not changed until the year 1920. Singer sewing machine prices have also remained reasonable since the brand inception.

The New Age Sewing Machines

Today, different designs of sewing machines are available. Machines are designed for specific purposes such as industrial uses. There are smaller machines available for home use as well. Some of the designs are zig-zag machines, electronic machines, embroidery machines and straight stitch machines. The latest addition to the sewing machine design is the touch screen interface. This has been provided by certain brands to offer further ease of operations and to also increase the aesthetic value of the machine.

Top brands have also started to sell their sewing machines online. You can compare the Singer sewing machine price list online and in retail stores to know the difference. Many accessories have also been made available in special offers with the machines.