Quality Speakers and Associated Products from JBL: In Singapore

Quality Speakers and Associated Products from JBL

JBL is one of the oldest electronics companies in the audio industry, with roots stretching back to 1946. The initials, JBL, are those of the company’s founder, James Bullough Lansing. For many years, the company was known for its loudspeakers and electronics associated with the production of quality sound. Nowadays, you’ll find the firm divided into two focused divisions, one producing audio equipment for the consumer/home market, the other for the professional (studio, tour sound, cinema, sound production, etc.).

The speakers and other products proved to be so good that some items from the first decade (1946 to 1956) are still sought by collectors and professional musicians. Even the music industry icon, Leo Fender, found JBL speakers to be an excellent match for his electric guitars. As with most successful companies, JBL expanded the product line to the point that it was a leading supplier to the tour-sound sector for both rock acts and music festivals. The company’s speakers have been used in some top-of-the-line vehicle-audio systems, including Toyota and Ferrari.

In Singapore

In keeping with the remarkable economic growth and the bustling society in Southeast Asia and other locations, you can now find JBL speakers in the Singapore stores. Products from the consumer division include the popular JBL Flip 3, one of the ways the company has brought practical speakers to the buying public. This smaller version of another product is a convenient way to take quality sound with you wherever you go.

This is a rugged item that will even stand up to moderate amounts of moisture (but don’t submerge it in water). You can take it to the beach or the pool, pair it with a Bluetooth device, and listen for up to 10 hours on battery power. You have a choice of several colours including blue, red, pink, black, orange, yellow, teal, and grey. Prices are quite reasonable for this durable, portable speaker. For just a bit more, you can get the JBL Charge 2 with up to 12 hours of performance. Find out more about a high-quality speaker that can also charge a mobile device.

For true portability in a quality speaker, check out the JBL Clip, designed to be transported to all of your gatherings and events. It looks something like an oversized padlock, but don’t let the appearance mislead you. It’s extremely sturdy, with a carabiner-style clip on top that gives it the name. Connect with your Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) and start enjoying a unique audio adventure. Increase its volume, and you’ll enjoy sound clarity without distortion. This company also produces some of the finest headsets and in-ear listening devices. The list includes the JBL E55BT, the E45BT, and the Reflect Contour.

The Traditional

If you need to go the more traditional route, you might select the JBL Go. It’s portable and Bluetooth-capable, but stands with a classic rectangular appearance. You’ll enjoy faultless performance with this highly affordable speaker option. If you’re looking for speakers in Singapore, JBL is the way to go.