Introduction Of Different Mattresses For Your Dream Bedrooms


Mattress, bed board and bedstead are the basic combination of bed in our dream bedrooms. And mattress is the key for comfort level. A comfort bed should support different parts of human’s body totally, especially neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttocks and leg. The spine of people can maintain natural state when lie on one’s side and maintain natural S shape when lie face up – this can make people have sufficient rest and do not bear excess pressure.

The popular mattress on market have spring mattress, latex mattress, foam mattress. Customer also can choose palm mattress, water mattress, air mattress and magnetic mattress.

Spring Mattress

The structure of spring mattress include spring, felt packing, coir mat, foam layer and textile fabric. Generally speaking, spring mattress is durable. It is the first choice for shopping. The quality of mattress decides the comfort level of mattress. The spring of traditional spring mattress is connected together. A turn-over action will drive the enter mattress. It will affect people’s sleep quality. Independent bagged spring system can support human body better. People will not feel uncomfortable for pressure. Five area design mattress can support the five important parts of human’s body separately. The spine can maintain natural statement during sleeping. Shoulder and buttocks sink naturally. Head, waist and leg get enough support. The muscle of waist and back do not need to adjust the posture of spine constantly. Therefore, people can get good sleep all the night. Another advantage of independent bagged spring system is that it can avoid mutual interference of people on the same bed. Besides, people can get comfort posture easily without moving constantly for the more the spring number is, the more the supporting point of mattress to human body.

Spring mattress can match with skeleton bed board or spring bed board.

Latex Mattress

Latex may be natural or compounded. It has better rebound resilience. It will not collapse. It is good material for mattress. Latex can fit the outline of human body and give sufficient support for human body’s every part. Latex mattress is good choice for people who like to change sleeping posture during sleep. It will not affect partner’s sleeping no matter how the other one move. Latex can recover the indentation instantly caused by weight. People can choose latex mattress from if they have great difference on weight.

Latex has mold resistance of restraining the generation of bacteria, fungus, and dust mite. Latex has millions of air holes that connected with each other. These holes can make air circulate freely and keep the mattress dry and comfortable. Do not insolate latex mattress. It will shorten the service life of it.

Foam Mattress

Foam includes polyurethane foam, high-elastic foam, and memory foam. The external material includes pure cotton, wool etc. Foam mattress can fit into the body curve perfectly – maintain soft touch and elasticity at the same time of providing firm support. It can promote blood circulation and buffer human body’s movement. There is no noise when turn over. If you like to read before sleep, or watch TV on bed, you can buy adjustable slat bed board to match with latex mattress.

The breathability of latex mattress is ordinary. Customer should buy different mattress for winter and summer in hot area.

Palm Mattress

Palm mattress is made from natural material. It satisfy customer’s requirement for environmental protection. But glue is used to bond raw material together during manufacturing process. Therefore, the environmental protection performance of glue is important. Some may have pungent smell. It will disappear after placing a few months.

Palm mattress is cool in summer and warm in winter. There is no noise when people move on it. The defect of palm mattress is that it will deform after use for a long period. Find guide for choosing mattress here emergency-plumber-au.