Interesting Facts about Candy and How to Get High-End Treats at Wholesale Prices

Interesting Facts about Candy and How to Get High-End Treats at Wholesale Prices

Believe it or not, the origins of candy can be traced as far back as 1400 BCE, when ancient Egyptian civilisations began combining honey with figs, beans, seasonings, and dates to create unique sweets.

Facts about Candy

But, as we all know, candy has come a long way since these humble beginnings, and saccharine treats are now synonymous with bliss, fun, and pleasure, which is why we’ve decided to underscore some lesser-known facts about our favourite indulgences.

Things You May Not Have Known About Candy

If you’d like to amaze your friends and family with some obscure knowledge regarding candy, be sure to memorise some of the following facts and figures:

  • The UK is ranked fifth in the world in terms of candy consumption per capita, with each person eating upwards of 23 pounds of sweets each year.
  • During the middle ages, sugar was primarily farmed in India and it was the exclusive domain of only the richest and most affluent people in the world.
  • In the early 1800s, professional psychiatrists would direct heart-broken patients to eat chocolate to quell their emotions.
  • The largest-ever recorded lollipop was produced in 2012 and it weighed more than 7,000 pounds.

As such, candy is not only delightful and delicious, it’s also very interesting as well.

Where Can I Find Affordable Gourmet Candy?

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