How To Wear Jeans In 2018


Of course, jeans are too widespread in order not to be recognized by everyone. But. Yes, there is always something new to learn. That’s why we have asked the experts of Cattifly to comment on how fashion of wearing jeans has changed in 2018. What are the main rules for emphasizing a good taste when wearing jeans this year?

Let’s start with the simplest point, color. Here comes a big surprise. According to the reports of Cattifly, in 2018 you are welcomed to wear bright and even neon clothes, but, when it comes to jeans you’d better choose models of the classical palette. No one judges you in case you opt for red or purple jeans instead. However, the world-known fashion gurus point out it’s more desirable if you buy a colorful top and blue or dark blue jeans to create a perfect match this year.

And now comes the part causing more questions, cut and fit of jeans. What is extremely popular among the most famous fashion gurus in 2018? The experts of Cattifly assure you should opt for some of the following models to look trendy this year:

  1. Old fashioned jeans. If you think straight non-elastic jeans can be considered a good museum showpiece, you are wrong. According to Cattifly, it’s time to review the clothes left after your mom and granny. Look for the model. All your friends will be envious. Need an idea of a cute casual outfit for the coming fall season? Straight 100% cotton jeans matched with an oversize red knitted sweater and totally white dad sneakers are exactly what you are searching for.
  2. Tailor’s apprentice. In case your find jeans looking as if you were trying to sew a new pair of them of several old models with shaky hands – order them immediately. The experts of Cattifly claim such alternative products become very popular in 2018 and can remain the favorites of the world of denim clothes even up to 2020.
  3. Cuffs forever. Jeans with enormously big cuffs rock the party this year. Do you think they look strange? According to Cattifly, such items can be worn with formal jackets, classical pumps or platform-shoes. Just believe the outfits are more than trendy in 2018.
  4. Total denim. If you want to travel in time and still remain fashionable, stake on a look consisting of several denim pieces. In case you find appropriate denim shoes or sandals to complete the outfit – you’re lucky. The experts of Cattifly say denim clothes has never been so popular before.
  5. Jeans instead of sportswear. So called denim sweatpants (very loose jeans of a lighter material; cover almost every part of your shoes) are also considered stylish in 2018. According to Cattifly, this is a perfect alternative to ordinary sportswear. Jeans look more formal if we can say so, which means you can combine the model with a luxurious blouse or jacket to create a very interesting outfit.

Do you still believe you know everything about the clothes you wear?