How to Take Care of a Generator


A generator will last for decades if it is maintained and taken care of very well. Just like it’s important for one to eat healthily and exercise to keep their body fit, a generator needs good maintenance.

A well-maintained generator won’t break down often. In fact, it will stay longer without the need to buy expensive repairs which can make a dent in your bank account. If you want to keep a generator  in good shape, here are the tips you need to follow:

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Purchase a warranty

The best investment you may want to do is to invest in a warranty. That’s because a warranty protects you from power outages. To get the best value of your warranty, you need to know the coverage. Does the warranty offer full or partial coverage. Second, having a back-up generator will also protect your home insurance costs from going up.

Think about investing in a cover or an enclosure. Water and slight rainfall can damage your generator’s part whether you have a standby mode or a portable one. Either way, you need to ensure you have an excellent cover or enclosure. Another solution for you will be to build a garage where you can store your generator and protect it from harsh weather conditions like rainfall. If you are thinking of buying new generator than is best for you and if you want to buy a backup generator, you check bellwoodrewinds.

Protect the motor from burning out

A generator motor burns out quite often. If you want to prevent the motor from burning out, you need to use heavy-duty cords if you are operating on less voltage. Use light cords if you intend to increase the voltage. Lastly, if you want to prevent generators from making too much noise, you may need to invest in a longer cord.

Power up the generator every three months

Power outages may not happen often and sometimes you may go for one year without using the generator. It happens. A lot of manufacturers recommend one to run their generator for 30 minutes every three months. This is done to charge the battery for the electric starter. If you don’t do this often, you may find that your electric starter isn’t working when you need it. Make sure you run the generator to avoid this.

Fill the tank

Ensure your generator’s tank is filled up with gas. That way you will avoid damaging the generator. When there’s no gas in the generator, it stops while the electric load sucks the magnetic fields from the generator. This causes a lot of damage to a good generator.

Stick to the maintenance routine

One important thing you need to do is to observe the user manual. The user’s manual has a maintenance schedule that should be adhered to. A generator is like a car, it needs you to change the oil often, spark plugs, and air filters. For lots of portable generators, the oil change interval is 50 hours. That means, if you have a long power outage, you need to change the oil every day. Buy and stock a lot of maintenance supplies. You will need them when you want to check the health of your generator.