How to identify different Batman Figure


Figures of Batman are sometimes inspired by different factors. It might be from the anime character or from a video game. It is important to identify different Batman figures as one of the best comic Hero. Of course, for collectors identifying is their jobs and a must for them.

Batman: The animated series 6 figure

This figure has more deep attention to geek culture detail. Modeled after the release of classic animated series. This figure considered 30 points of articulation. Wherein you can pose this figure of toys in different ways. It has the great designed with the gear like grappling gun and Batarang. Also, with this figure, you can throw it in any switchable hands and heads are flexible can make it wider.

Square Enix Steampunk Batman

This Batman figure designed for alternate costumes.  This was created to improve the classic figure of Batman toys. This figure of Batman have covered gears, clocks and has a crossbow.

Hot wheels Batmobile bundles

This exclusive hot wheels set to make a great addition to collectors. It has a feature of a die-cast metal, like the original Adam West Batmobile, stretched out Burton version. This figure is usually created with high-quality materials.

Medicom Sofubi Batman

This figure styled is popular after the Japanese of action figure through the 60s and 70s early.

It has a soft vinyl figure with oversized heads. The company that produced Batman toys and get an inspiration from the West. Thus, inculcated in this figure. This figure is only 5 points of articulation, which means that is not poseable for collectors.

Justice League Action battle wing Batman Figure

The most popular figure of Batman toys. This is a combination two best Marvel character Justice League and Batman. Was created for the reason that Kids and collectors are seeking for the authenticity.  The figure crafted to evoke the looks and battle action of Batman in the animated series. It has electronics features, richly detailed and of course colorful accessories. It is a high-quality figure and best for display of collectors.

Magic 8 Ball Batman

This figure inspired by the classic Magic 8 ball. Shaped like the head and cowl of Batman with the window on the bottom to share guiding phrases.

Sovereign Knight (DC comics one)

This is collectible figure items for collectors. Sovereign knight is the Batman at the present day. This figure is made up of plastics and hand painted authentic.

Batman: Arkham City VGM18

There is a Batman: Arkham City video game that is so popular. The fans have been craving for the collectible figure from the video game. So this collectible figure crafted in based on the Batman from the video game. The developed masked head sculpt with the 2 interchangeable lower faces.  Also features newly sculpted body muscular and bat suit and detailed weapons.

Batman Ninja S.H. Figuarts Batman

This is an action figure of Batman, inspired by the great Japanese anime with the same name as well. It features a removal caps which can possibly improve silhouette. This includes an optional hand and optional head. This figure is made up of ABC and PVC.

Batman forever DC comics Multiverse Signature collection Batman

This figure is an enhancement of the favorite DC Heroes and made as a deluxe action figure. It has 26 points of articulation, and also interchangeable hands extra hands to create great poses for display. Portrait head sculpts, and another is the signature costume details. this figure is also made of plastic and features real cap cloth that is more attractive to the kids and collectors.


It is very important to know the different Batman figures, especially for the collectors. This will help them to complete their series of the collection. Help them to determine what are the similarities and differences of every Batman figures. Being updated to the latest Batman figure is precious to them.