Great Ideas to Motivate your Sales Team


If your business depends on your sales team, it is critical that they stay motivated at all times, as the orders they bring in, help to keep the company afloat. If you are short on ideas on how best to boost team morale, here are a few ideas.quality trophies supplier

  • Create a Competition – This is always a good way to inject some motivation into the team, and with a quality trophies supplier in Basildon, you can have a special trophy designed. IF winter is traditionally a slow time in your industry, a 2-month competition with real cash prizes will keep everyone engaged.
  • Regular Sales Meetings – This is important, as people tend to lose focus over time, and most companies will have a weekly sales meeting, when objectives can be discussed, and the team brainstorms effective ways to overcome the buyer’s objections. The meeting is also a time to motivate your sales team, and with a little preparation, you can make sure they leave the meeting feeling good about themselves, and are fired up mentally.
  • Sales Training Workshops – Perhaps your sales people need some extra training, and by putting together a short presentation on how to close a deal, your staff will learn some valuable tricks that might just help them to make more conversions.

If a sales team is left to their own devices for any length of time, this is usually reflected in the sales figures, and with constant attention from the sales manager, orders will keep rolling in, something everyone depends on.