Few Simple Ways to Make Rose Day Memorable


Love is eternal and knows no bounds. Everyone falls in love at least once in their lifetime whether they admit it or not! Love comes naturally but the difficult part it expressing the feeling. A beautiful creation of god was chosen as a messenger of love…yes, it is none other than a ‘Rose’. Red, pink (for wife and girlfriend) or yellow (for friends), different roses have been tagged for special relations. It is believed that, a rose can convey the message of love in the best possible way.

Rose day is an opportunity to express love for a special someone or even a good friend. It is a day included in the Valentine’s week, when romance is the buzz word. In India, celebrating Rose Day is a new trend but the fever is catching up fast. With great enthusiasm, young people chalk out their plans for the entire romantic week, starting with a bunch of roses and some fascinating Rose Day gifts.

People of Delhi have always been known for their enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. So, in matters of the heart how can they lag behind? Delhiites are well known for their unique ways of expressing love through sweetest gestures of offering roses to their loved ones. Here are some tips to flatter someone one special right at the start of the most romantic week of the year.

Surprise Gift at Midnight

As the name suggests, Rose Day cannot be complete without a bouquet or pretty basket of charming roses. Sending the flowers at mid-night would add a magical feeling to it. With so many online florists offering flower delivery in Delhi, the movie like move to impress a lover; becomes so easy!

A Romantic Letter says it the Best

Roses are the universal messenger of love but nothing can beat words coming straight from the heart. Sending a letter loaded with romantic messages along with the beautiful roses could make expressing those mushy feelings easier.

Best Time to propose with a Heart Shape Bouquet

For nervous lovers and secret admirers, Rose Day is the ideal opportunity to express love for the first time. Since cupid is around all through the week, there’s love abound every moment. Making the most of it, lovers can send flowers to Delhi right at the doorsteps of that ‘special someone’, giving their love story a great start.

Shower Roses every Hour

There aren’t any limits to craziness in love! Showering her with bunches of roses every hour seems to be such a cool idea! Alternating the roses with some chocolates and gifts is also an amazing way to open the doors of her heart.

Roses Club well with Romantic Dinners

It’s not a compulsion to send roses right in the morning on Rose Day. It’s also fun to keep your lover waiting for a while and shower all the love at the dinner table. Planning a dinner for two and getting roses delivered right at the venue is also a novel idea to add spice to the love bird’s special evening!

It’s always a wise decision to plan for the entire Valentines week before hand to cut-down on chances of any faux pas. Roses, chocolates, soft toys, cakes, personal gifts, dinner arrangements; there are plenty of ways to impress the dream man/woman of in your life.