Factors to Consider when Buying a New TV



For most of us, unless it’s a Friday or Saturday night, unwinding comes in the form of sitting in front of the TV with a chilled beer or dinner. Be it a comedy show, a daily soap, or the News, our TV set is our window to the outside world; it exposes us to new perspectives, helps us understand the world a little better. That’s why, if you’re looking to buy a new set, you may want to consider the following factors so that you get the best out of your TV experience:

Size of the Screen

Your room will take on a weird character if you put in a massive 50″ screen in a small room. Opt for a TV screen size that is proportionate to the size of the room. A living room is a suitable place for a huge screen that can entertain you and your family on movie nights, but if you need a TV for a smaller room, then a 32″ TV will be good enough.

Check Out the Prices

The price of the TV will largely be contingent on factors such as the size of the screen, the brand name, and the smart features that the TV has to offer. Brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Hitachi, etc. offer a wide range of quality TVs. You may want to check out LG TV Price List to know more about them. Don’t invest too much in too little; go over the specs and features of the TV set first. You may have to shell out a little more money for a TV from a reputed brand, but the money is well worth the quality of the product.

The Resolution Rules

In layman’s terms, the display resolution of the TV screen simply means how clear the picture will be. It will be nothing short of a bad buy if you buy a 50″ TV but with HD resolution. With 4k resolution fast and coming to the norm for such large screens, you may want to get one by investing some more money. However, stick to HDTV if you have a small to medium screen size and if you don’t have access to many super HD channels.

Right Refresh Rate

Refresh rate refers to the number of times the screen updates every second. This standard refresh rate is 120Hz but you can always opt for a higher rate if you are looking for a better and smoother picture quality.

HDMI Ports

HDMI ports are much more than a simple USB port. You can connect your smartphone to your TV via a HDMI port to mirror your Smartphone display! Look for a minimum of four HDMI ports apart from the usual USB ports. You can attach a gaming console too for a night of hardcore gaming with friends!

You most likely will be spending quite some time every day in front of your TV, so do consider these factors before you buy one.