Essential Items for Cycling

Essential Items for Cycling

If you’re planning to take up cycling, you won’t be alone, as millions of Brits across the nation regularly get on their bikes to enjoy the wonders of nature. The healthy lifestyle that modern society promotes can be achieved if you take to two wheels, and providing you have all the right gear, cycling is a safe and enjoyable hobby that is suitable for all ages. If you aren’t quite sure what equipment you’d need, here is a list of essential items for the modern cyclist.

  • The Right ClothingThis would consist of a cycling jersey, shorts, and a solid cycling helmet, and you should also wear suitable gloves, as your hands will take some punishment on a gruelling session in the saddle. Visibility is essential, and many riders wear clothing with reflective strips sewn into the fabric of their cycling jersey, which really makes you stand out. It is very important to feel comfortable while riding, and the action of pedalling can cause friction between your shorts and your skin, but the special fabric used to make cycling shorts will eliminate this.
  • Repair Kit – If you are out on the road and get a puncture, you will need all the equipment to make self-repairs, and modern repair kits are small and can fit into a small pouch attached to the rear of the saddle. Most modern cycles have quick release wheel locks, so you won’t need to carry heavy spanners, and you might want to add a few things like antiseptic cream and plasters, in case you have a spill. A spare inner tube is also necessary, and they are very small when folded.
  • Water – You must stay hydrated when riding, and most cyclists will have one or maybe two water bottles attached to the frame, and whenever you stop for any reason, you can fill up the bottles.
  • Lighting – While you might not plan to ride after daylight hours, things can happen and if you were delayed on the road for any reason, it might be that you have to complete the final leg in the dark. Small LED lights are light and easy to attach to the bike, and this will ensure that other road users see you.
  • Speedometer – Digital technology allows the modern cyclist to keep track of both distance covered and speeds. If you are serious about achieving any level of fitness, you will need to record times and distances, which will enable you to plan an effective regime. You can even download an App for your smartphone that will monitor your heart rate while riding.

More and more people are taking up cycling as a hobby because it offers so much more than just a way to exercise, and providing you have the right equipment, you should be safe out on the roads. There are online suppliers of anything bike related, and with a simple search, you will find the right supplier.