Different types of ladies underwear


Underwear despite being a small piece of clothing can actually speak volumes about a woman. And this is something which men are absolutely obsessed with so much so that its mere glimpse can drive them crazy wanting for more. On the surface, these undergarments are sexy and revealing and helps a female in expressing who she is and how she is feeling.

A glance at the top 5 personal favorites 

Although today female underwear is available in a wide array of materials and styles but the top 5 personal favorites are as follows namely,

  1.  Thongs– This is amid the classic jaw dropper. Its specialty is it has an ideal shape to entice guys leaving ample to the visual and minimal to the imagination. These are made of soft fabrics and comes in myriad styles.
  2. Boyshorts– It got its name owing to the similar look that it has like that of men’s trunks or briefs. A key reason  why boyshorts are highly favored is because of its incredibly seductive look. Comfortable, sexy and playful one can get everything combined in a single panty. Girls love wearing it while boys adore seeing it. Despite being covered, it has the power to wow men in the bedroom.
  3. G-strings– With thongs being jaw droppers, the G-strings will make men faint for sure. It is basically a single piece having a lace covering which will definitely make men go absolutely wild with fantasy. On the one hand the thong will leave a minimal imagination, yet on the other the G-string will show one what they are getting and some work involved
  4. Granny panties– Sexy is the word that best describes granny panties. It has a thick layer and will cover the entire posterior and part of the upper thigh occasionally. Thankfully, such wickedly erotic undergarment had been introduced which can help one attain immense sexual pleasure
  5. Seamless underwear– last but not the least is the seamless underwear. It is the most appropriate solution for every problem. From skirts, dresses and pants one will no longer have to face the underwear dilemma with the seamless variety. The best part is, one can keep away from the fear and shame of their panty line being visible. No matter one is dressed in a weekend lounge wear or a formal wear all they will look for is comfort. And what can be a better choice than seamless panty as it can be paired nicely with all kinds of outfits

Panty is an extremely essential wardrobe component and for every mood like see through lingerie , style and occasion, so choosing the right evening wear  type definitely matters. Today they are spoiled for choice as the market is flooded with assorted styles, cuts and materials of panties. The aforementioned are just the top 5 personal favorites. The bottom line is, every woman should buy an underwear considering her body type and the purpose (daily wear or special occasion). Always choose a panty that feels sexy and fits snugly and experience the difference.