Collecting Fine Art Online

Collecting Fine Art Online

One of the best ways to show your appreciation for art and enhance the design of a living space is to browse fine art pieces online. By going online, you will have more time to make a decision and choose the artwork that best represents your individual tastes and preferences.

Collecting Fine Art Online

Types of Mediums

Reviewing an online gallery enables you to select your favourite art by artist and style. Both classical and contemporary artworks are available in various mediums. The mediums include the following:

  • Oil paintings
  • Fine art photography
  • Etchings
  • Sculpture
  • Cyanotypes


If you do not have a cyanotype featured on your walls, or have not heard of this artwork, you may want to investigate this unique form of expression further. This photographic printing process, which creates a blue image, was first introduced by Sir John Herschel, an English astronomer and scientist, in 1842. Engineers used the process for creating and printing blueprints through the 20th century. Currently, a number of contemporary artists use the cyanotype process for producing art.

Purchasing Art Online

You may also want to choose one of various oil paintings from a Melbourne art gallery. When you buy the artwork online, you can also opt for framing services. Choosing quality artworks has never been easier. Each piece of artwork also comes with a certificate of authenticity. If you are interested in having the art framed, you may want to consider frames made of timber – finished and waxed for longevity.

Receiving the Artwork

When unframed artwork is prepared for shipping, it is rolled with care with an acid-free paper before being packed inside a cardboard tube for mailing. Preferably the art should only be opened by a framer. If the art is framed, it is packaged with as much care. You may want to pay more for timber casing or a customised crate. Typically, the delivery of unframed art takes two weeks and framed artwork is delivered in about four months.

Limited Editions

Artwork is normally featured in limited editions of 5 to 15 pieces of art. You may pay from $900 to over $5,000 depending on the artist. Many art connoisseurs like abstract art selections, as they can easily be incorporated into more modern business or residential designs. Whilst some artists choose to use complementary and vibrant colours, others elect to produce designs are that emphasise a two-colour theme, such as blue and white.

What is great about looking online is the fact that you can take your time in making a selection. You can also short-list your art choices by what you can afford. Again, the price range is extensive. Therefore, you are sure to find just the right piece that will meet your personal tastes and budget.