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Newest Carpet Trends For 2017

While many believe that carpet has given up its popularity crown to hardwood flooring and laminate, the truth is that more and more people are turning to carpet to provide warmth and additional insulation to their homes. 2017 is a promising year for the carpet industry with a few New Carpet Boulder City trends emerging.

Carpet Runners on Steps

Stair runners are definitely not something new, but seem to be gaining popularity, especially for homeowners who have opted to keep wall to wall carpet upstairs while converting to hardwoods downstairs. For many homeowners, hardwoods are still the preferred flooring material for high traffic areas, but for those circumstances where hardwoods aren’t suitable and can even pose a danger such as stairs, carpeting still comes out on top.

Natural Fibers, Especially Wool and Sisal

Green homeowners are no longer thumbing their noses at carpet as a flooring option thanks to the emergence of natural fiber carpets. Wool and sisals lead the industry for this particular segment as they provide an all-natural, eco-friendly floor covering option that fits perfectly into a minimalist styled home. They generally trap less dirt and therefore allow for better indoor air quality such as what is achieved with hardwoods making them the perfect solution for those with sensitivities to certain allergens. They tend to be more expensive that synthetic carpets, but wear better and last longer, making it a cost effective option.

Tailored Berbers or Looped Carpets

Berber carpets at have long been a favorite carpeting option for homeowners looking for a durable carpet option for high traffic areas. These carpet options remain highly popular and in demand. Today’s berber carpets offer sophisticated patterns that give a classy look to any room and hide dirt well.

Minimalist Design and Neutral Colors

Regardless of whether or not the homeowner is looking for a synthetic fiber or natural fiber carpet, the trend is for a neutral color. By sticking to a neutral color, homeowners have more flexibility in decoration options and can make changes without having to replace the carpeting.

Tone on Tone or Two Toned Carpets

Another emerging trend in carpeting is the availability of two toned carpets. These carpets offer a multi-dimensional look than traditional, single tone carpets. Offering these carpets allows homeowners to add visual interest to a room and are becoming more and more popular.

Super Soft Plush Carpets for Bedrooms

Carpets have always offered a sense of luxury and warmth to a room and today’s super plush carpets allow homeowners to up the ante in rooms where they elect to install carpet. These new carpets are very luxurious and add a high end feel to any room. These are especially popular in bedrooms and other personal spaces.

The New Carpeting in Henderson trends are changing, however carpeting remains a viable and popular flooring option for many homeowners. Carpet dealers and installers need to be aware of these trends and let homeowners know that the options are available to them in order to ensure that the needs of their customers are being met.

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Top Cleaning Products To Buy If You Have Small Children

Take a trip to any supermarket and you will surely see a staggeringly broad array of cleaning products for sale. Name any household surface and you can bet that there is a cleaning product marketed for just that purpose.

While lots of these products may work wonders for a spotless house, many of them are also highly toxic. Small children that have not learned to avoid dangerous substances are particularly at risk for poisoning. Fortunately, there are safe, alternative, and easy to find products that you can use for most of your home cleaning needs.

  • Castile Soap

Castile soap is a kind of soap often made from olive oil, other vegetable oils, or coconut oil. It can come in either liquid or bar from, it is nontoxic, and the liquid version can be easily diluted down to different concentrations for different uses. It’s good for all kinds of things from hand washing to mopping!

  • Baking Soda

Humble baking soda is a very useful product to have on hand for loads of household cleaning projects. It can act as a mild abrasive for scrubbing tasks, and it is also good at absorbing odours. You can combine it with a little bit of water to make a great scrubbing paste. If you need to cut grease or oil, add some castile soap to the mix.

  • Vinegar

Regular old white vinegar will do just fine. Vinegar is great at dissolving mineral and soap scum build-up. This makes it a very useful product for sink, shower, and bathtub cleaning. If you have a showerhead clogged with mineral deposits, nothing’s better than securing a small plastic bag full of vinegar over the showerhead with an elastic band. Wait several hours, remove the bag and rinse it off!

Vinegar can be used at full strength or mixed with water in a spray bottle. The diluted spray is a fantastic alternative to window cleaners containing ammonia.

  • Olive, Vegetable, or Tea Tree Oil

Any of these oils will work as an ingredient for furniture polish. Just combine in a 2:1 ratio with vinegar or lemon juice. Using a soft piece of cloth or flannel, polish the furniture with this mixture until it dries.

Tea tree oil doubles as an antiseptic so it can be used for mildew control as well. Add 2 teaspoons of it to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle, and spray over the mildew.

If you do need to buy other cleaning products, try to choose ones that are nontoxic and free of phosphates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and solvents. Some particularly dangerous products to be aware of are:

  • Spray-on carpet cleaners
  • Pest poisons
  • Oven cleaner
  • Laundry detergent pods – these pods resemble candy, and so there is a greater risk that a child will try to ingest them.
  • Toilet bowl cleaning tablets

No matter what products you use for house cleaning, it is a good idea to keep them out of reach of children. Some important steps to take:

  • No more storing your cleaning supplies under the sink, since those cabinets are right at a child’s level.
  • Put child-proof latches on any cabinets containing cleaning products.
  • Don’t store cleaning products in repurposed food or beverage containers.

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A Guide to Buying Your Ice Machine

An ice machine can be a valuable asset for any office or residential property. Although you certainly want to have one if you run a kitchen or restaurant, many commercial and residential property owners do not think about their advantages beyond the kitchen. In reality, these are the perfect companions when you need to entertain large numbers of people at a special event, run a home bar, or want to improve the quality of your employees’ work day. There are two basic types of ice machines available: machines with manual trays and automatic options. Both choices have specific advantages and disadvantages associated with their use. When on the hunt for an ice machine, you should first take a good look at the type of ice you need, the amount of ice you intend to use, and what you plan to use the ice for during the event.

Ice machines in Australia differ dramatically in price, amount of ice produced, and quality. Those designed to easily fit inside a home are easily found and purchased online and in certain stores, while commercial options are only available online. For commercial options, you need to consider what type of use you need the machine for and your budget for the purchase. Although you may want a wide range of amenities attached to your new machine, it might not be possible within the limits of your price range.


Some ice machines are designed for home use, such as entertaining dinner parties. Portable ice machines offer a number of benefits over making ice in a freezer. These machines can make larger amounts of ice in a short period of time compared to traditional freezers. Such ice machines are also able to make large quantities of ice within a small window of time, helping you to save time and energy. You can simply pour clean water into the machine and turn it on. Ice machines also produce higher a quality of ice, while ice made in a freezer can absorb unpleasant odours from food kept near the tray. You may even be able to pick the size of the ice produced, depending on the type of machine you choose.

Commercial Machines

Commercial ice machines come in a number of sizes, and you could choose from dozens to find your ideal fit. These large appliances are designed to make many kilograms of ice within a very short span of time. Commercial ice machines are also a large investment, making it so that only commercial companies can afford them. However, you also get more ice and space for the price, allowing you to feed and entertain large quantities of people with minimal effort. If you run a religious facility, restaurant, or any other type of property designed to serve large numbers of people, commercial ice machines are your best option to keep everyone happy. Over time, you should be able to return your investment via money saved on water and electricity. Plus, you save time in the long run, which directly converts into money saved.