Best Indian Handicrafts Products

Handicrafts, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Handicrafts are one of the effective ways to add attractiveness to our home. The custom of crafts in India has developed on needs of the ruling elites. Also, due to the needs of the common people. Domestic and foreign trade has played a huge role in the growth of different crafts form of India.

The different forms of crafts include Bell Metal handicraft, Bamboo handicraft, Clay Handicraft, Dhokra handicrafts, and Paper Handicrafts. Products made using handicrafts with paper need a special mention.

Let’s discuss some of the handicrafts products which are made using different handicrafts:

  1. 1. Jewelry: Now this is one item, which is in huge demand throughout the year, and not just in domestic markets, but in foreign markets as well. Therefore, jewelry items are made in various forms of handicrafts. Jewelry made of brass handicrafts like pendants, bangles, and ornament boxes are always in demand. Dhokra jewelry items are known for various unique designs; Therefore, they too are always in demand. Other handicrafts form like wooden, clay, jute, rock, and shell among various others are also used in making jewelry items, which are always in demand. It not just attracts the Indian crowd but serves as an added attraction for foreign tourists as well.
  1. Decorative items: Everyone wants their house to look beautiful and the handicrafts decorative items certainly adds beauty to the house. Decorative items made using colorful handicrafts paper like lamp shades and decorative flowers look nice. These products are always among the first choice, when it comes to decorating the home. Decorative items like designer household items made from other handicrafts items like brass, dhokra, wood, and especially rock can add light to your house. The eye-catching decorative pieces are sure to grab attentions of the guests that visit your house.
  1. Utensils: Now this is a basic requirement of every household. The two handicrafts mostly Wood and clay play a huge role in fulfilling yours this demand. Rarely you will find a house in India where there are no clay pots. For people who can afford they use silver handicrafts utensils, and they add the WOW factor to your kitchen. Metal too plays a huge role in fulfilling your utensils demand, as many utensils such as dishes and trays are made using metal handicrafts. Brass fruit bowls and wine glasses are also used in various households in India.
  1. 4. Sculptures: The festive season is always on the cards in India, and therefore the demands of Lords’ figures are always in demand. Lord figures made from brass handicrafts in various postures are sold immediately. Like Ganesh Chaturthi is the upcoming festival and Lord Ganesha’s figure made in different poses out of brass, clay, and dhokra handicrafts are in huge demand in western part of the India. Likewise, a clay sculpture of Lord Durga made from stone and clay are in huge demand in the state of West Bengal and other north eastern states.

Indian handicraft industry has grown immensely after the introduction of online business earlier it was difficult to even to buy these items, but nowadays at one click, you can see ‘n’ number of handicrafts products and shortly you can have them delivered at your doorsteps as well.