A Guide to Buying Your Ice Machine


An ice machine can be a valuable asset for any office or residential property. Although you certainly want to have one if you run a kitchen or restaurant, many commercial and residential property owners do not think about their advantages beyond the kitchen. In reality, these are the perfect companions when you need to entertain large numbers of people at a special event, run a home bar, or want to improve the quality of your employees’ work day. There are two basic types of ice machines available: machines with manual trays and automatic options. Both choices have specific advantages and disadvantages associated with their use. When on the hunt for an ice machine, you should first take a good look at the type of ice you need, the amount of ice you intend to use, and what you plan to use the ice for during the event.

Ice machines in Australia differ dramatically in price, amount of ice produced, and quality. Those designed to easily fit inside a home are easily found and purchased online and in certain stores, while commercial options are only available online. For commercial options, you need to consider what type of use you need the machine for and your budget for the purchase. Although you may want a wide range of amenities attached to your new machine, it might not be possible within the limits of your price range.


Some ice machines are designed for home use, such as entertaining dinner parties. Portable ice machines offer a number of benefits over making ice in a freezer. These machines can make larger amounts of ice in a short period of time compared to traditional freezers. Such ice machines are also able to make large quantities of ice within a small window of time, helping you to save time and energy. You can simply pour clean water into the machine and turn it on. Ice machines also produce higher a quality of ice, while ice made in a freezer can absorb unpleasant odours from food kept near the tray. You may even be able to pick the size of the ice produced, depending on the type of machine you choose.

Commercial Machines

Commercial ice machines come in a number of sizes, and you could choose from dozens to find your ideal fit. These large appliances are designed to make many kilograms of ice within a very short span of time. Commercial ice machines are also a large investment, making it so that only commercial companies can afford them. However, you also get more ice and space for the price, allowing you to feed and entertain large quantities of people with minimal effort. If you run a religious facility, restaurant, or any other type of property designed to serve large numbers of people, commercial ice machines are your best option to keep everyone happy. Over time, you should be able to return your investment via money saved on water and electricity. Plus, you save time in the long run, which directly converts into money saved.