A Checklist for Back to School


It’s almost that time again when parents must prepare for the next academic year, and aside from the momentous task of getting your kids back into the school routine, there are many items to purchase. If you are a parent and would like some help in this area, here is a checklist of essentials to prepare before the start of term.

  • School Uniform – This means ordering bigger sizes and with a long list of essential uniform items, you really need to arrange this at least two weeks in advance. There are online school uniform suppliers who can have an impressive stock, and with your child’s school on their list, they will stock just about everything you need.
  • Essential Equipment – If you haven’t been a student for a few decades, you might be surprised at the variety of essential items the modern student needs. Protractors, set squares and calculators are all required, and if you buy a comprehensive set, everything will be inside a smart case.
  • Toiletries – Your child should have their own travelling toothbrush and toothpaste and perhaps a face towel and some wipes, which are always handy. Shampoo and soap will be needed for sports days and don’t forget to include spare sets of socks and underwear, which are always necessary when sporting activities are involved.
  • School Holiday Homework – Most teachers will assign some homework tasks for the long holiday and it is best to check with your kids on a weekly basis, to make sure they are on top of it. Alternatively, they will have to spend the last few days frantically trying to finish the project.
  • Getting Up in the Morning – This isn’t exactly an item, but it can be a real problem for some children, and parents at times. The best thing to do is begin the early rising routine a full week before the big day, that way, your children will be back into that familiar routine and the transition will be smooth. Going to bed earlier can make all the difference, and if they are reluctant, get them involved in daytime physical activities that will ensure they are ready for bed at the right time.
  • Check the School Website – If there are any amendments to the schedule or important news for the students and parents, it will be on the school website. If you are registering your child at a new school, you would need to attend a parent meeting well before the term begins, and there might be a special section on the website that is dedicated to new students and would have the student and parent manual in downloadable form.
  • Prepare the Student – Talk to your child a week or so before the new term begins, as this tends to help them mentally prepare for the change in their daily routine, and by discussing school, you will also find out how your child feels about their learning.

Without the right preparation, going back to school can be a harrowing experience for the first few days. And if you use the above information, the transition should be a smooth one.