6 Ways To Learn How To Love Your Curves

Love Your Curves

Body confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and some people experience a very real struggle to even accept their bodies, let alone love them and be confident in them.

With the help of smaller retailers, such as The Curvatures Boutique, at least there are more options for buying clothes that accentuate curves instead of hiding them behind yards of fabric, but what if you’re not ready to celebrate your beautiful body yet?

If you’re a plus sized lady who hasn’t yet learnt to love her curves, here are 6 ways to help you do so:

1. Try focusing on the things you like

Even if you don’t like the size that you are, there will usually be at least one part of your body that you’re proud of, or that you would be happy to accentuate more. Look for a plus size boutique that can help you show off all your best bits, and if you so wish, hide those areas of your body that you’re not so happy about.

2. Listen to your inner voice

It can be hard to focus on your inner voice sometimes, especially when magazines, TV and social media are all shouting about being skinny and looking beautiful in size 8 clothing. But, the quickest way to learn to love yourself, and your curves, is to shut out negativity from outside sources and give your inner thoughts the attention they deserve. We’re often much kinder to ourselves than we perceive others to be, and if you can find the time to listen to what your true self is telling you, you just might be surprised at how good you start to feel.

3. Stop buying clothes that hide your body

While it can be so tempting when shopping to buy clothes that we feel will mask our true size, these often serve only to make us look shapeless, and in some instances, look even bigger than we are. Instead, find a boutique for plus sized women and buy clothes that don’t just embrace your curves, but highlight them in a way that will give you way more confidence than an oversized sweater and leggings, ever could.

4. Invest in quality tailoring

If you’re still struggling to find clothes on the high street that fit you well and are comfortable but attractive, try having some clothes custom made at a tailors. Or, if you’ve got clothes that fit but not in the way you want them to, a tailor may be able to alter them so that they fit you like a glove, and a beautiful one at that!

5. Get your own groove on

Stop trying to look like the catwalk models or celebrities you see in magazines and on social media, and start thinking about your own style and how you can really rock it, no matter what size you are. Once you stop getting caught up on your curves, you can allow your personality to shine through and give yourself, and others, something to admire.

6. Don’t neglect your physical and mental health

A healthy mind and body will get you way further in life than a slim body and being able to wear the latest luxury fashion brands. Eat foods that nourish you, take exercise as and when you can, and start trying to build healthy habits that will carry you through life.

Not everyone will find a curvy body attractive, but not everyone will find a skinny body in even skinnier fitting clothes attractive, either! The truth is, whatever size you are, you’re worthy of love and deserve to be living life in the same way as anyone else. Embrace your curves, embrace love, embrace life.