5 Efficient ways to Buy Online from Reliable Suppliers


These days when technology is advancing at an incredible pace it is very hard to pinpoint the innovations that were the real game-changers, but the rise of online trading is most definitely one of them. Still, even if it allows you to buy virtually anything from any part of the globe with just few clicks, online buying tends to be somewhat convoluted and unwelcoming, especially compared to traditional buying. So, you have found a reliable supplier, let us see what comes next and how can you make a purchase in the most efficient manner.

PayPal Account

PayPal is a very popular and reliable service that is being used by virtually anyone ranging from any trustful online tool shop to your preferable cosmetics vendor. A great alternative to traditional paper methods, and one of the largest internet payment companies, it allows you to make a purchase even if you do not own a credit card. Just visit PayPal website, create your account (very similar to registering to any other website), uncheck the box when you are asked for a credit card number, and link the PayPal account to your bank account instead, and you will be ready to make the first purchase.

WU Pay

Although this service provided by The Western Union Company is not as far reaching as PayPal, it is supported by some big names like Kmart, Sears, and Swanson. What makes it so good is that, if you already have a Western Union account buying is as easy as it sounds. Just choose WU Pay at the checkout, and you will be emailed a bill you can then pay from your online bank account just as you would pay any utility bill. After Western Union receives your payment you will be notified by email that the process is complete.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards

The thing about pre-paid and gift cards is that not every retailer supports them, and you will have to spend some time to buy them, be it in person or online. What justifies this seemingly convoluted “make a purchase in order to make a purchase” philosophy is that, once you finally get one of those cards, purchasing some item online is as safe and carefree as it gets. Just type the card number at the checkout and that is all.

Outerwall (Formerly known as CoinStar)

Not the best suited for some big purchases, but a great way to lose the change you were stockpiling over the years, and buy yourself something in the process. Just visit the Outerwall website, find the nearest Outerwall machine, pour in all the change that you have spared, choose the type of gift card you want to receive, and you will be ready for buying.

Credit Card

Last but not the least you can easily make an online purchase even with your regular credit card. Be aware, though, that no matter how your supplier may be reliable the data on your card can be breached by some third party, so instead of using the card you receive the salary and keep your savings on, you should visit your bank and make a dedicated credit card for online buying. All you will have to do once you receive it is to type the card number at the checkout, and you are done.